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What the FIRPTA? @ Independence Title – New Braunfels

2019-09-18@ 09:30 AM

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Presented by: Selina Medina, Business Development/Training Specialist

How familiar are you with Paragraph 20 (Federal Tax Requirements) of the TREC One to Four Family Contract? Is it clear as mud? Have you heard the acronym FIRPTA but could use more information? This section of the contract is becoming very popular as foreign investors become more and more common. In this class, we’ll break down what exactly FIRPTA stands for and what you need to know about it.
All costs for non-title educat …More Details on Event Website

Alamo REIA WIRE (Women In Real Estate) Focus Group Event!

2019-09-19@ 06:30 PM

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Alamo REIA Women in Real Estate Focus Group Presents
Power Team Featuring:
Samuel Madrid and Sharon Fernandez
PART 1 – Thursday, September 19, 2019

This a very rare opportunity, as you know Sharon and Sam are busy running one of the most successful real estate investing companies in San Antonio. We were able to get them to spend some quality time with us and we are sharing it with the WIRE group first! Sharon and Sam are big supporters of our WIRE group and women empowermen …More Details on Event Website

30-60-90 with Karina Loken

2019-09-18@ 09:00 AM

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Create a purposeful 30-60-90 day plan that ensures your new hire masters their 20%
Leverage the 30-60-90 day template and customize to your organization
Set clear expectations, allowing your new hire to thrive in your organization
Discover how to systematically and purposefully evaluate your hires to maximize their performance
Learn how to empower your people to build their empire inside of yours
Leverage key tools such as the GPX and 4-1-1 in order to help set their vision
This course is a foll …More Details on Event Website

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